We help you get the Portuguese residence permit and citizenship
We are the official representative of the residence permit program and a licensed real estate broker in Portugal
After just 5 years of continuous residency, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residency

An extensive selection of programs for obtaining a residence permit

No refusals compared to other European countries: - 100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit
Portuguese passport is among TOP-5 for mobility of movement. 154 countries are available for traveling without a visa, including the USA
Our clients have received more than 750 residence permits
Transparency and legitimacy
Obtaining a Portuguese residence visa by contract within the legal framework of the European Union
Turnkey immigration
We fully take care of every stage of the process from residence permit to citizenship
Personalized choice of programs
7 types of residences covering digital nomads for highly qualified experts and pensioners (rentier)
Remote registration
The entire document preparation process is done remotely. You can submit biometric data at the local Consulate
Family relocation
We will find an immigration program for you with a residence permit for the whole family
Selecting real estate for rent
We will swiftly find you an apartment in any Portuguese city and help you with documents (4 offices: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and Madeira).
Tax Consulting
Provide advice on Portuguese taxes and help you save money by applying for NHR status (10-year grace period regime)
Visa-free entry to154 countries
Visa-free traveling in 154 countries all across the world, including the European Union and the United States
Residence permit options in Portugal
Residence permit for self-employed entrepreneurs and those who want to run a business in Portugal
The D2 visa enables its holder to obtain a residence permit in Portugal for a period of two years, with a possible extension for three years.

About the program

An affordable and attractive way for non-EU citizens to get Portuguese residency. Perfect for retirees, investors, freelancers, self-employed, and digital nomads with entrepreneurial activities with a minimum salary sufficient to support their stay in Portugal. The D2 residency status grants eligible applicants and their family members the right to live, work, and study in Portugal as well as visa-free traveling in the Schengen area of Europe.

Immigration options for entrepreneurs:

a) investing in the economy by managing a company (the client has already bought a company in Portugal, has a business plan to open a company, may have a company in another country, and plans to open a branch);

b) gaining a self-employed status in Portugal and creating invoices for a European company in the amount of 820 euros per each applicant (based on a min. port. salary) and a service contract for a min. period of 1 year.

Successful completion of the procedures will require evidence of regular connection with the host country. For example, having a Portuguese client.

We are here to run the paperwork correctly, meet all program requirements, and pass a thorough background check. The entire process comprises a set of sequential steps, and the company guides you through every step of the way.
The Digital Nomad Visa comes in two forms - D2 and D7. The D7 is for anyone who doesn't plan to start a business, yet has a passive income and depends on it. The D2 visa is suitable for freelancers, independent workers and entrepreneurs.

Madeira showcases the very first digital nomad village in Europe. The Government supported its creation.

As part of this project, digital nomads are offered:

  • free equipped workspaces
  • free unlimited internet
  • a variety of rental options, from rooms to villas, with discounts of up to 30% for longer stays
  • exclusive events
Ivan Iarinkovski
Senior partner and co-owner of Propriété Générale Group
Portugal sees over 300 days of sunshine per year
963 km long coastline
Temperature: 24-31 C in summer / 16-22 C in winter
Best place to live and invest
Portuguese passport is the 5th most mobile. 154 countries are available for visa-free traveling.
One of the strongest passports in the world
Portugal is the 3rd safest place on Earth. This country is for healthy and safe living, raising children, studying, and boosting your business.
One of the safest places in the world!
Residence permit for the whole family
Ability to include spouse, children, and parents in the application.
Visa-free access to 26 European countries
EU resident status
Visa-free entry and movement within the Schengen area with no restrictions on the amount of time one spends in the country.
Obtaining an EU residence permit and citizenship
Access to health care, and the right to work and study in all Schengen countries.
Attractive tax regime
Minimum processing time for obtaining one of the strongest passports, compared to the conditions of other countries. After 5 years of continuous residence, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residence.
Tax optimization opportunity under the 10-year worldwide tax exemption program for new tax residents
Get individual advice on a residence permit for your family
We will be happy to conduct a consultation and tell you about all the stages and answer your questions for free!
Decades of proven track record
More than 47 years of experience in investment immigration through buying and selling real estate all over the world. More than 600 of our clients have successfully obtained residence cards and more than 25 people have already obtained a Portuguese passport!
We are available at your request
We stay in touch with you 24/7. The processing of the documents is done quickly and efficiently. Everything from the application to the final steps of getting a passport or residency.
Official representative of the Residence Permit and Certified Real Estate Broker
Transparency in the interest of the customer is our goal. Explanation and bringing you the idea as it is is a must is crucial for us. Our activities are regulated by the relevant authorities in all countries where we operate.
Complete guidance
We aim to help you with any issue from the first consultation to obtaining a permanent residence permit in Portugal. All paperwork, necessary translations, and powers of attorney are free of charge for you.
Remote document submission and notarization
Our well-established structure of interaction with the Portuguese immigration service enables our clients to submit all necessary documents remotely.
Reviews from our clients
  • Olivier Jolicoeur
    Jewelry business
    Olivier has obtained a Portuguese residence permit with a Digital Nomad visa.

    I have been modeling jewelry for a Chinese company for many years. The work is completely remote. After the famous events in 2022, my company recommended me to relocate and open a bank account in another country. My wife and I didn't think long - we had been to Portugal many times before, we knew the country quite well, and just fell in love with it. We just understood that this relocation was written in the stars for us.

    I decided to consult with Vladimir, an immigration expert from General Immigration. My friends who relocated to Spain recommended Vladimir to me. It was a long and detailed conversation after which we decided to start the process of relocation with Digital Nomad Visa. General Immigration helped us to prepare a full pack of documents for submission to the Portuguese Consulate.

    And in 2 months we were already in Portugal, in Lisbon. Our manager from General Immigration met us with the words: and now let's apply for a residence permit! And now we have been living in Lisbon for a year, I have a residence permit, but my wife is still waiting for the documents. General Immigration helped us find an apartment for rent in a quiet neighborhood in Lumiar near the metro. I continue to work, but our leisure time has sufficiently changed - we visit restaurants more often, go to the beach, meet a lot of relocants, and often spend time together. It's safe to say that our quality of life has significantly changed for the better!

    Many thanks to Vladimir, General Immigration expert.
  • Jessica
    Restaurant business in Poland
    Jessica moved to Portugal under a visa program.

    In Bulgaria, I had been working in the restaurant business for several years, opening new branches. I've dreamt about moving to Portugal butI thought I needed to save as much money as possible to jumpstart with. A couple of my friends moved to Eriseira and opened there a small hotel with a restaurant. Hence, I can open new cafes in Portugal too.

    I found General Immigration contacts in one of the chat rooms dedicated to Portugal. Andrew, GI's manager replied to me, and we went all the way to obtaining a residence permit with him. He kept in touch with me any time needed and helped me to prepare documents for the Consulate.

    For now, I have been living in Lisbon for 8 months, a few days ago I received my residence permit card by the mail. Soon my very first Portuguese coffee shop will be opened near Rua Augusta. Of course, there are some nuances in opening such a business here, but in my country everything is basically the same.

    I would like to note that General Immigration has a separate real estate department Propriete Generale, where the manager Svetlana actively helped me to find a perfect rent place for opening a coffee shop.Thank you for your human attitude and great service!
  • Mary
    Mary became a resident of Portugal under the HQA (Highly Qualified Activity) program
    I came to Portugal at the beginning of 2022 with a Schengen visa and decided to live in a warm climate for a while.

    I really liked Lisbon, the area I was living in, and I was wondering what options there were to get a residency. One day I walked by the General Immigration office and decided if I could just set up an appointment with someone who deals with immigration. It turned out that there were some Russian-speaking staff there who had recently immigrated to Portugal themselves.

    They consulted me, helped me with document verification covering the confirmation of my University degree, and found a company that officially employed me. This made my case fully eligible for the HQA program.

    After signing the employment contract, General Immigration helped me to open an account in a local bank and 3 months later we already applied for biometrics.

    I received my residence permit 3 months later and the whole process took about 7 months.

    So if you are currently in Lisbon and crave to stay in Europe - contact General Immigration. It is way easier and faster than doing everything yourself!
  • George
    Co-founder of a real estate agency

    George, his wife and children became residents of Portugal through investments.
    In 2021, with the help of General Immigration, my wife and I invested 280.000 EUR in two properties in a place called Grandola, which are eligible for the Golden Visa program. All this we did remotely, simply relying on the advice of General Immigration real estate broker. Our trust is paid off. Now one object is rented out and brings good profit. We live in the second apartment. Not far away, we found a great school for the kids. All summer we go to the ocean.

    Our manager Andrew and the General Immigration team helped us with all the issues related to documents and SEF application. When we entered Portugal, we immediately applied for a residence permit and received it in 15 months. We will extend it soon and then apply for Portuguese citizenship.

    I think that there is no sense to go through this paperwork, constantly bring "missed" papers, hold out everthing, when you can entrust every step to professionals and reduce the time of obtaining a residence permit in 2 times!

    We gonna apply for citizenship with General Immigration!
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